Friday, April 11, 2008

Man of Steal Requests - Fred MacMurray

Rickey likes that Rickey's fans have shown an interest in Rickey's blog. Rickey gonna make sure Man of Steal likes what Rickey does.

Rickey himself played some ball on June 4, 1999 with the Mets at Yankee Stadium and slapped one over Derek Jeter's glove for a single to center.

Derek Jeter hosted a show in New York that was live on a Saturday night and had a guy named Will Ferrell as an actor on the show.

Will Ferrell "stars" in a movie based on the TV show Bewitched with ├╝beractor Michael Cain. Rickey dares a Rickey fan to find a 5 foot section in the video store without a Michael Cain movie. It may exist but Rickey is too fast to spot one.

Michael Cain has a role in "The Swarm" with Fred MacMurray. Some movie about fast swarming killer bees. Rickey laughs at anyone who thinks something is faster than Rickey on the base paths.

Fred MacMurray has a Rickey Rating of 4

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csd said...

Instead of Ferrell you could do Sandler in Anger Management. Sandler starred in Mixed Nuts with Steve Martin who was in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid with MacMurray. I thought Rickey would like more options. By the way I like this site.