Thursday, April 3, 2008

Twins Cards requests - C. Everett Coop

Good one! C. Everett Coop was the Surgeon General during the Ronald Reagan presidency. The man had a brilliant medical career and pioneered many procedures for both techniques and medicating for children during surgeries. He is credited with saving numerous children who were given up on by almost all doctors at the time. I am happy to do this one.

Rickey Henderson played baseball with Dave Kingman in Oakland.

Dave Kingman is managed by Herman Franks in 1978 with the Chicago Cubs.

Herman Franks plays with Johnny Mize on the Cardinals in 1939.

On April 14, 1936 Johnny Mize plays against the Cubs in a game were the radio announcer is Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan nominated C. Everett Coop to be Surgeon General in 1981.

C. Everett Coop has a Rickey Rating of 4

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